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How to Use Body Language to Seduce Women

Body language is a very useful tool that you can utilize in your seduction of a woman. Keep in mind that approximately 50% of your communication comes from your body language while only 8% of your communication comes from the words you say. That substantiates my theory that you should pay more attention to what people do instead of what they say... but that's a topic for another post.

In addition to your actions, you need to be aware of how you say things. What tone do you use? Do you sound bored? Do you sound desperate? How do you stand? Do you crowd the person - invading their personal space?

You can also get insights into what a woman is thinking or feeling from her body language. But for now, let's focus on how your body language can and will be interpreted. The more you learn about understand the body language of other people - the more you are likely to notice your own body language.

Here are some of the body language basics.

Eye Contact

It is important and make and maintain eye contact. People often figure that you are lying if you won't look them in the eye. Have you ever watched "Judge Judy"? That is a reason why she insists that the people in her courtroom look her in the eye when they talk. Even if you are nervous and anxious - it is very beneficial to look a person in the eye when you are talking to them. In turn, you will notice if they are avoiding your eyes when they talk. A word of caution, don't give the impression that you are staring at a woman - this can seem very creepy. It can be a fine line for some people - but with practice, you can look her in the eye and maintain eye contact with a woman while you talk to her.

Stand Up Straight

We all know people who walk hunched over and especially when taking some time off and relaxing. But when you talk to a woman you want to impress, stand up straight and show her you are confident and strong. It will also make you more attractive to her and anyone else around you.


This doesn't mean you should leer at a woman, but give her a genuine smile. This is especially important the first time you approach her to talk with her. Practice with other people to get used to smiling naturally. When you are in a store or walking through a parking lot or down a sidewalk, practice smiling at people - you may be surprised how many people smile back at you.

Hands - Advanced Tips 

First - don't use your hands too much when you talk. You have probably been around people who seem to be swatting at flies when they talk. This is very distracting to others and can make you look very funny. Its good to use some hand gestures, but not a lot. Just something you should be aware of.

There is a trick that you often hear about how to use your hands when you meet a new dog or cat - but it is also useful when you meet new people. Although I recommend that you be more subtle with people.

When you meet an animal, you should hold your hands out to them and turn your hands so your palm is showing. That includes top to bottom or from the side. You don't want to show the back of your hand - this can have a number of aggressive and bad connotations. Instead, hold your hand with your palm up or at an angle, with your palm up when you shake someone's hand.

To see some interesting hand movements in positive and negative ways - watch politicians or very successful business men when they meet a peer or a rival.  That has nothing to do with fingers or cruel gestures, but watch how they approach the person, how they hold their hands and grip the person's hand and so on.

These are just a few basics, but it will help you start noticing how you appear and how the woman perceives you. Practice it with some friends and some strangers and then look at yourself in the mirror to learn more.

Nikki Leigh 

Award winning author and certified relationship coach. 


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