Friday, June 29, 2007

Lilah and the Locket in the Island Breeze

The Island Breeze is a wonderful free newspaper around the Hatteras Island area. It contains news and stories about the Hatteras Island area on the Outer Banks. In July the Summer Reading Roundup will be released for residents and tourists. The list is to help people find out about new books that would appeal to the people who live and love Hatteras Island. This list is compiled by Gee Gee Rosell of Buxton Village Books. If you've never been to Buxton Books, its on the main road that runs along Hatteras Island and the store is about five minutes from the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Gee Gee is a very nice and very knowledgable person. She has a wonderful selection of local interest books - including Lilah and the Locket. She has another order of books coming and they should be there just in time for the Reading Roundup.

Here's a preview of the review for Lilah and the Locket -

History and romance form this murder mystery set literally at the base of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. The time is 1954 and the CCC is hard at work constructing dunes along the length of Hatteras Island. Kristie and her German shepherd Lilah are vacationing in Buxton. On an early beach walk one morning Lilah returns with what appears to be a human bone. The investigation involves a hunky government worker, the local deputy and the good folks of the village of Buxton. Ms Leigh has crafted an atmospheric tale with lots of local color. She lives in Virginia has several other romantic mysteries in print.

For much more information about Lilah, feel free to visit Gee Gee stocks copies of all the Nikki Leigh fiction and they are a great fit with an ocean side vacation, especially within view of the lighthouse.

Nikki Leigh and Lilah

Friday, June 22, 2007

Unusual Promotional Opportunity

Lilah and the Locket is on the road again - but this time I had to stay home.

For anyone doesn't know - the main characters in my mystery Lilah and the Locket are based on a great young couple and their German Shepard. Yes, the shepard's name is Lilah :)

Anyway --- here's what happened -

Kristie emailed me last night to see if I could meet her with 2 copies of Lilah and the Locket today. You all will love the reason --- they are having 2 family reunions in PA this weekend and she needed two gifts to give away at the events. So, she wanted to give away a copy of Lilah and she knew it would be a hit with either side of the family.

I think its an incredible idea and fantastic promotion, so I made a point of finding a time and place to meet her. She lives about 25-30 miles from me, so we met in the middle :) I also gave her flyers, bookmarks, book plates, postcards and business cards :) She was thrilled and it should be awesome promo for the book.

She has strict instructions to give me an update Monday evening when they get home. I'm not sure I would've come up with that one -- but its a great idea. I tried to convince her to take a bunch of copies with her -- I would sell them to her for a discount and she could sell them for a markup. I bet she'll wish she had them before Sunday is over :)

We met at Starbucks, so I stopped in and asked about doing a book signing and left my card for the manager. We'll see how it goes -- they did like the idea of working with an author from the community.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good News About Book Promo 101

I had planned to self publish book promo, but I was talking to my publisher who has all of my fiction books and she's accepted Book Promo 101. So, now I just need to find time to finish the book :) I originally thought it would be about 100 pages, well... its at about 215 and I'm still thinking of things to add. Almost 40 authors have contributed promotional ideas which are included in the book. I'm always on the lookout for more ideas if anyone would like to contribute an idea. In return for your idea, I'm including the name of the author, their website and/or their blog address and a tagline about their books.

I don't know the release date for the book, but information will be posted here as soon as I do :) I figure as long as the content is getting better, I'll keep adding information :)

Visit us on the Promo 101 Promotional Services site -