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Virtual Book Tour - Excerpt from Chapter 1, The Sage Age

Intuitive Excerpt - Chapter 1 - The Body Antenna

The Body as an Antenna

This chapter explores how the body itself can be regarded as a multifaceted antenna system that acts as a transceiver (transmitter/receiver) of informed energies, or vibes. We will explore the dimensions and posturing of the physical body and show how it works like a broadcast antenna.

We’ll also see how the internal components of the body make shapes that aid in transceiving multiple forms of information. The physical body is sheathed in layers of energy bodies as well, such as the etheric and astral bodies, which themselves act as transceivers for frequencies that are beyond physical measurement at this time. We’ll show how these energies interact with the physical body. And lastly, we’ll discuss the advent of a quantum biological antenna system and the new avenues of discoveries those ideas open for us to explore.

Ritual Body Postures

In the 1960s, Felicitas Goodman was a graduate student in linguistics at Ohio State University. In this position she had the responsibility of translating material for Dr. Erika Bourguignon who was conducting a study on behavior that occurred during religious experience. Of specific interest to Dr. Bourgurgnon were the physiological changes that occurred during trance states induced by various body postures. Later, these findings were confirmed by Canadian psychologist V.F. Emerson who verified that subtle changes in body functioning were a direct result of using different body postures. After graduation, Dr. Goodman continued to investigate this field and found that included within many cultures, there were at least seventy ritual body postures that produced either these subtle effects or full blown altered states of consciousness.

Ritual body postures generally come in two forms: those that are held for long periods and those that are danced into and held momentarily. The commonly known Lotus Position in Yoga is of the first type. Once the position is formed, it is held while the participant focuses on breathing techniques in order to enter an altered state of meditation. It takes at least fifteen minutes of silencing the body and mind enough for it to enter an altered state. Often times, some form of rhythmic cue like a drumbeat or bell is sounded to signal the nervous system to enter an altered state. Tai Chi and QiGong movements are of the second type, where each position is formed by gentle, fluid movements from the previous form. Each position is held momentarily, if at all.

Perhaps it would be helpful to think of the static positions like moving the rabbit ears on an old television antenna. To get better reception on a specific station, the rabbit ears might have to be positioned a certain way and left stationary for the duration. If you want to tune to another station, the antenna might have to be repositioned to get better reception of that broadcast frequency. Holding the body in a specific position during meditation is akin to this tuning of the antenna. Positioning and then holding the body in a certain way allows it to acquire a specific frequency more clearly.

The more fluid movements of Tai Chi are akin to a radio scanner. By constantly changing the position of the antenna, multiple frequencies that are harmonious with one another can be received either serially (one after the other) or simultaneously. This is one of the reasons that the exercises are done slowly, to allow the body time to receive each frequency and to allow time for the chi, or vital energy, to flow through the body. Many of the exercises related to the martial arts use routines that have been honored for centuries. The order of the positions, moving one to another, is very specific, just as a radio scanner moves linearly from one frequency to another until it finds a broadcast signal.

It receives that signal and then returns to scanning. Some of the routines used in QiGong facilitate an orderly energizing of the chakra system from lowest to highest in frequency. The movements of both Tai Chi and QiGong move chi, or vital energy, by stimulating the electrical circuitry of the meridians along which chi flows, activating the body’s own natural healing system. Mental awareness of the movements also strengthens the mind-body connection.

The meridian system, developed by the ancient Chinese practitioners of acupuncture, show the entry and exit points of chi all throughout the human body. When a person deliberately places their physical body in different positions, it allows these entry and exit points to more easily interact with the subtle energy bodies as well as the chi in the surrounding area.

Ritualistic positioning of the body not only allows reception of certain frequencies and energy bands, it also aids in the transmission of that energy. Several studies have shown verifiable evidence that QiGong masters can project Qi up to several feet away from their body. Other studies show multi-ranging frequencies emanating from the hands of energy healers. It is as if the healer is scanning the patient, just as a radio scanner rapidly searches all bands for a broadcast signal. Once a signal of interest is found, the healer tunes in to that frequency and broadcasts healing energy to the patient.

This healing technique is akin to a radio repeater station. A repeater station receives a broadcast on one frequency and then retransmits that signal on another frequency. This is how television was initially broadcast across the country. As an example, the original signal from New York might have been broadcast on a frequency that matched Channel 2 which a repeater station in Pennsylvania then received and rebroadcast to its local area on a frequency that matched Channel 5. The frequency changed, but the information the signal carried remained the same and was rebroadcast by the repeater station. Many energy workers confirm this process. They state that they are merely re-broadcasters, focus-points or conduits of healing energy. The information in the healing energy does not originate with them. The healer simply rebroadcasts the energy on a frequency that can be received by the patient.

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