Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Kindness Cure with C J Scarlet

CJ Scarlet is Starting the Kindness Revolution

The Kindness Cure Campaign

How One Act of Kindness A Week on the Web

Can Transform Our World into a Happier Place

Are you depressed about the economy, gas prices, and the condition of the planet?

Are you tired of feeling anxious and worried all the time?

Do you feel like your life is not on track and that you can’t win?

The problem is negativity. Kindness is the cure.

Happiness expert and author CJ Scarlet is starting a kindness revolution and she wants YOU to join her! Over the next year, CJ will personally perform 365 acts of kindness and recruit a legion of everyday people like YOU to perform similar acts in their own communities, such as babysitting for a busy mom so she can take a break, taking neighbors’ trash cans off the street and leaving them an anonymous note, personally thanking our teachers and police officers, and buying a bus ticket for a stranded homeless person to return to their family.

CJ learned about the power of kindness the hard way. At the age of 12 she was sexually assaulted. Then as an adult she was diagnosed with Lupus and Scleroderma. When she was told her long-term disability had become life threatening, her world fell apart. Then a Tibetan lama commanded her to “stop feeling sorry for herself and focus on the happiness of others” and her life was transformed. The lama next ordered CJ to teach others the secrets to happiness that she had learned and the idea for the Kindness Cure Campaign was born.


The Kindness Cure campaign begins November 13 - National Kindness Day. Beginning November 17th, CJ will visit a wide variety of blogs, radio shows and more to share her message on her virtual tour. As you read above, she is working to bring legions of people into this project and you are only asked to do one kind thing each week for the next year. You can help anyone who needs a helping hand. Let's spread the word and spread positive thoughts and actions around the world. Would you like to host CJ during her tour or do you have questions? Contact Nikki at


Take a few minutes to watch CJ's video which explains what she is doing and shows you some of the things she has done - Each person is invited to visit and join the revolution. This is a social network where you can learn more about Kindness for the Cure and share the acts of kindness that you do. This is a chance to do something very positive, inspiring and heart warming. When was the last time you had a chance to join a positive worldwide revolution?

From November 17th to December 15th, I'll post videos about CJ's latest acts of kindness. Check back often for more details. I also highly recommend that you join her social network to share in the Kindness Cure - No wonder we need a cure - kindness can be contagious... - Drop by and send me a friend invitation :)

Join the network and let us know what act of kindness you've done lately.

Nikki Leigh

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